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Maree Davidson, Managing Director

Maree is passionate about working with community service organisations to improve social, employment and health outcomes. She has 30 years’ experience and has developed strong skills in Leadership and Management, Quality Frameworks, Aboriginal Community Engagement, Project Management and Vocational Training.

Maree has extensive knowledge of quality frameworks and is regularly contracted as an Assessment Team Leader to undertake assessments for accreditation organisations across Australia.

She has worked in metropolitan, regional and remote settings managing teams, delivering projects, leading workforce development initiatives, improving governance capability and delivering community engagement projects. She has worked with many of SA’s Community centres as a Service Excellence Accreditation Coach and is regularly invited to work with small and large Aboriginal organisations on capacity building projects.

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Alison Sinclair, Accreditation Consultant

Alison has enjoyed a long career in Quality with 25 years’ experience in quality improvement, standards development, training, organisational development, assessment and review. She held senior positions in State Government Health and Human Services Departments. She has managed contracts with the Department of Communities and Social Inclusion for Home and Community Care quality audits, and Gambling Help Standards development and review.

Alison’s most recent position was as General Manager for QIP and AGPAL, and prior to that QMS. These roles involved recruiting, training and managing health and community services sector clients across SA, WA, Northern Territory, Victoria and Tasmania. Alison is experienced in most Quality Frameworks used in health and community services. Her experience includes seven years of work across Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations implementing the EQHS quality program under the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Enabling consumer and community participation is a fundamental principle applied to all her roles.

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John Hendry, Governance and Dispute Resolution Specialist

John is a skilled and experienced former lawyer with particular interest in industrial relations and alternative dispute resolution working in numerous settings including formal, informal, corporate and NGOs, particularly in Aboriginal community-controlled health. Over his professional career as a solicitor, John gained experience and expertise in many areas of law including commercial law, litigation, family law and criminal law. As an experienced dispute resolution practitioner he has participated in many events particularly facilitation and mediation.

Both in his capacity as a lawyer and former in-house counsel with Aboriginal Health and Research Council (AH&MRC) John has provided support to many organisations and individuals for more than 20 years, working successfully with managers, chairpersons and CEOs alike. His approach to problem solving is multi-faceted involving all options, but always providing accessible, pragmatic solution-driven advice.

During his employment at the AHMRC John has built a relationship of trust with many Aboriginal community-controlled health services and assisted them with developing Board and management expertise, constitutions and general legal processes. He has dealt with both state and federal governments in relation to developing Aboriginal health policy, was a member of the Close the Gap Steering Committee from its inception and has provided advice, mentoring and support to successive Aboriginal leaders of AH&MRC.

Cheryl Johnstone, Quality Consultant

Cheryl has a diverse background working in both the public and private sectors. She has experience in organisational governance, corporate planning, continuous improvement and risk management.

More recently Cheryl has specialised in internal auditing and supporting organisations to undertake quality accreditation, including Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) and QIC Health and Community Services Standards. Her skills and experience ensure that clients can review and report successfully against national standards and organisational outcome requirements.

With experience in writing, editing and publication, Cheryl has skills in setting up document structures and content so that the information and intended messages are both accurate and able to be understood by readers. She has many years' experience working with organisations and individuals to enhance their written work such as in reports, research, promotional materials, resumes and job applications.

Cheryl is committed to working collaboratively with clients and has a long history of successfully supporting organisations, groups and individuals to clarify requirements and achieve their goals.

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Gill McFadyen, Community Development Consultant

Gill is passionate about people, organisations and communities having the skills and capacity to bring about positive, sustainable change. Her belief that everyone should have equal opportunity to fully participate in society both socially and economically has driven much of her working life.

With a career in community development spanning over 30 years, Gill’s most recent role has been as CEO of Community Centres SA the peak body for community and neighbourhood centres throughout South Australia. It was in this position over a ten-year period that she gained a wealth of experience in many areas including quality improvement systems, particularly in the Australian Service Excellence Standards, outcomes development, community-based governance, grass roots leadership development, social inclusion, collective impact, adult community education and advocacy.

Gill has learned firsthand of the benefits of building the capacity of organisations, particularly small organisations, and as a strategic thinker, can help people make tough decisions and work respectfully to bring others along. She is now keen to use the skills and experience she has gained over many years to work with organisations committed to getting the best outcomes possible for the people and communities they serve.

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Alice Bacon, Resilience Facilitator, Mentor and Coach

Alice has over twenty years of corporate and operational leadership experience. A skilled project manager with an emphasis on maximising human capital, she is a rare individual whose transferable skill set has led her to become highly adept at managing change; and creating environments where change is positively embraced through emotional and workplace resilience.

Her approach to emotional intelligence within the workplace, across all facets of organisations, gives revolutionary transformations to both individuals and teams.

Her results in relation to work place resilience are attributable to her ability to break down barriers of resistance and redundant thought patterns. In conjunction with this, her ability to ignite productive levels of core worth and belief drives influence and ultimately results. All this is possible via professionally planned and delivered workshops and sessions which are simple in their execution, yet powerful in results.

Alice has the ability to work with any organisation, group or individual who needs her strategic and deliverable methods to instigate simple but deep lasting changes, so that win win environments can emerge and flourish.

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Dr Cassandra Gibson-Pope, Community Development and Management Consultant

Cassandra has a Doctorate in Philosophy, a Masters degree in Public Management and over 20 years’ experience working across the local government, university, not for profit and registered training organisation sectors. Her passion is to support community development, social inclusion initiatives and increasing accessibility and linkages between people, buildings and open spaces.

Dedicated to developing and supporting leaders, graduates and trainees, Cassandra is skilled at building relationships with individuals, communities and organisations to achieve positive outcomes. She is a passionate advocate for people with a disability and new arrivals to Australia, and is committed to creating great places for people to live, work and connect.

Cassandra is a strategic, dynamic, bold and progressive thinker with a high level of energy and an unrelenting drive to work alongside others to challenge, innovate and encourage change that leads to improved outcomes. She is skilled at developing policy and project initiatives that convert abstract ideas into successful deliverables.

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