Governance Training

Balancing community and corporate needs.

We offer support

Does your Board need to develop its Governance skills? Do you have new members or individuals wanting to make a contribution at the governance level in your organisation?

Highwire can help you balance community and corporate needs and support good governance practice across your organisation by:

  • Designing customised workshops
  • Developing a Board Skills Matrix
  • Providing coaching for individual Board members
  • Helping you develop governance policies and procedures
  • Supporting review of your constitution
  • Strategic planning
  • Facilitating a Governance Performance Evaluation

Benefits of Good Governance

Develops confidence

People are more likely to have confidence in the organisation’s decisions when they are made in a transparent and accountable way.

Confident Board members can act on behalf of their community because they understand the importance of having open and ethical processes which adhere to the law and stand up to scrutiny.

It helps people feel that the Board will act in the community’s overall interest, regardless of differing opinions.

Board members feel better about their involvement in leading an organisation when good governance is practised.

High level leadership skills and knowledge of governance processes promote a safe place for debate and decision making.

Leads to better decisions

Decisions that are informed by good information and data, by stakeholder views, and by open and honest debate will generally reflect the broad interests of the community.

Members of the community and other stakeholders are more likely to accept outcomes if the process to come to a decision has been good. Even if they don’t agree with the decision, they may be less tempted to fight or attempt to overturn the decision if they have confidence in the process. So even the most difficult and controversial decisions are more likely to stick.

Helps your organisation meet its legislative responsibilities

It is very important for Boards to comply with relevant legal requirements. Good knowledge of the legislation means a Board can protect the organisation and Board members will be less likely to take shortcuts or bend the rules.

Supports ethical decision making

Good governance creates an environment where Board members ask themselves ‘What is the right thing to do?’ when making decisions. Making choices and having to account for them in an open and transparent way encourages honest consideration of the choices facing those in the governance process. This is the case even when differing moral frameworks between individuals means that the answer to ‘what is the right thing to do’ is not always the same.

Sample 1 Day Governance Workshop Agenda

  1. Self-assessment ‘Am I a good Board member?
  2. What is Good Governance? Defining the roles: Governance vs Management
  3. What is a Board and what does it need to be successful?
  4. What should the Board focus on?  ‘The 10 Elements of Good Governance’
  5. Setting the strategic direction to achieve the vision and mission
  6. Key Community Development Principles
  7. Board Responsibilities: Roles, Standards and Legislation
  8. Relationships between the Board and the CEO/ Manager
  9. Important documents and records: Code of Conduct, delegations, meeting records
  10. Evaluating Board Performance: Using the Governance Maturity Model
  • Full day workshop at your place: $1500
    (5% discount for small organisations with less than 10 staff)
  • $300 per person to attend a public workshop


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