Effective Performance Management

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Is everyone working together to achieve organisational goals?
Do your managers have the skills to be able to get the best out of their teams?
Have you decided on the steps to take if someone provides poor or unacceptable service?
Are you managing underperformance fairly and compliantly?

Effective performance management should be preventative rather than curative

Develop the skills and systems you need to drive a performance culture and confidently address underperformance.

Highwire can help you explore the end-to-end processes associated with the performance management cycle. From the setting of goals and allocation of work through to performance reviews and recognition.

Here’s how:

  • Let us help you design and implement a leadership and management capability framework to drive performance aligned to organisational goals
  • Invite us to support your existing performance management
    processes – feedback, coaching, supervision and reflection, performance appraisals
  • Contract us to provide one on one support to your staff through our Leadership and Management Coaching and Mentoring services
  • Invite us to customise a performance management workshop for your management team.

Need help to develop a policy and procedure in this area?

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