Document design, editing and formatting

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We specialise in making sure your documents are clear, precise and most importantly ‘fit their purpose’. We can design your document framework, heading structure and language to make sure it responds to requirements and is easy for the reader to understand.

You can select varying parts of the process to suit your needs.

Establishing a document framework

Setting up a framework for your document ensures that it:

  • Addresses all the requirements and critical criteria (for a tender or strategic plan for example)
  • Includes all the necessary information in an ordered structure
  • Provides guidance about where to insert information during the writing stage – this is especially important if there are multiple contributors
  • Is easy to see if all the required information is ‘in the right place’.

It also provides a quick way to check that the document is ‘doing what you want it to do’ – such as responding to tender requirements, strategic directions, government or organisational reporting, or customer feedback.

Working with content

We can support you to make sure the content in your document is appropriate – clear, precise and addressing all your requirements. For example, we can:

  • Check the content against the brief and provide advice on gaps
  • Undertake research to assist with additional content information
  • Check included content for accuracy and appropriate linkages
  • Check if the document and meaning is clear and appropriate for your target audience.


Our full editorial and proof reading service can be tailored to your needs – including for Governance papers, strategic plans, policies, reports, tenders and submissions. Some examples of tasks include:

  • Reading and considering draft documents for feedback and advice
  • Checking the document structure and adjusting text for clarity, readability, consistency and ‘sense’
  • Checking and implementing consistency of terminology, punctuation and style
  • Ensuring grammar and spelling accuracy.

Layout and Publication

If you want a document or report to look a little more professional, or to prepare it publication, we can help you with a number of services, including:

  • Setting up the layout with consistency of design across the whole document – including for the front and back covers, page layout, heading hierarchies and graphics
  • Implementing and checking accuracy of heading styles, numbering, headers and footers, references, contents page and appendix.

We can also engage graphic designers and provide printing recommendations and quotes.


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