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About Resilience at Work

Resilience at Work (R@W) is an internationally recognised and accredited framework that assists organisations to refine ‘resilience’ within their workplace context.

Developed by a consortium of practitioners and researchers, the R@W framework promotes a systematic approach to building resilience by integrating practical strategies into work practice. With high quality resources developed specifically for individuals, leaders and teams, R@W can take your staff on an exciting journey to enhance their skills and abilities so they thrive within their team and workplace.

Visit the Working with Resilience website.

The Highwire Group is an accredited facilitator of the R@W Framework

Why Resilience at Work?

“Resilience has become a buzz word as organisations seek ways to support their staff to stay productive in workplaces that are turbulent, complex and pressurised.”  (Katherine McEwen, Working With Resilience)

The strength of R@W is that it defines resilience in the context of a specific workplace and the requirements of the people and teams within it. Increasingly, organisations, teams and staff find they need to cope with change and uncertainty, stay productive despite increased demands, and manage consumer expectations that may not be realistic. R@W offers ways to sustain effectiveness in this environment without compromising physical and psychological health.

Adaptable to any workplace R@W presents many benefits. It:

  • Relates to everyday work behaviours rather than ‘personality’
  • Takes into account the impact of organisational context
  • Considers management of current work challenges
  • Provides feedback that is easily translated into practical actions
  • Places emphasis on building strengths to better manage challenges
  • Provides benchmarking on personal work resilience
  • Takes a holistic approach and considers physical, cognitive, emotional and spiritual aspects of resilience.


The R@W Toolkit is made up of three interrelated models that can stand alone or be integrated for organisational impact:

  • R@W Individual
  • R@W Team
  • R@W Leader

The R@W Individual

This module is about building personal work resilience. Called ‘Sustain’, it measures seven components that interrelate and contribute to overall resilience – Authenticity, Purpose, Adaptability, Self-Care, Support, Energy and Networks.

Through coaching and mentoring The Highwire Group can guide your people to develop resilience in their work environment

R@W Team

The R@W Team complements and builds on the R@W Individual by assessing seven behaviours that create resilience in groups of people who work together – Robust, Resourceful, Perseverance, Self-Care, Capability, Connected and Alignment.

Incorporating aspects traditionally considered essential for teamwork, it also includes elements that are emerging as important team behaviours for challenging jobs – such as the growing need to be adaptable and to do more with less. It has been designed to focus on actions that can be implemented by the team itself.

This model supports and facilitates the idea that teams can still create an effective sub-culture that contributes to resilience despite often having significant demands both from within and outside of the organisation.

The Highwire Group can guide teams within your organisation to embrace challenges as learning opportunities that motivate and drive higher levels of engagement

R@W Leader

The R@W Leader module uses the seven components of the Individual model – Authenticity, Purpose, Adaptability, Self-Care, Support, Energy and Networks. However, it expands this focus further to look at how the leader supports and enables their team members.

Leaders that can foster effective management practices can increase a team’s resilience in the workplace. Managers and team leaders that promote and support resilience tend to behave and make decisions in ways that support team members to:

  • Build capacity and optimise resources
  • Manage their workload and challenges
  • Link into networks and other support
  • Anticipate and adapt to change
  • Are able to maintain their physical and psychological wellbeing.

The Highwire Group uses the R@W Leader Scale to help you understand the extent to which your leaders are able to develop themselves and support resilience in the people and teams they lead

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