Australian Service Excellence Standards

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One of the great things about having an External Assessment is that it highlights strengths and can show you where you can make improvements on your quality improvement journey

About the Australian Service Excellence Standards

The Australian Service Excellence Standards (ASES) is an internationally accredited quality improvement program based around a set of approved standards. It is owned and administered by Department of Human Services (SA).

The Highwire Group is an approved assessor for ASES and The Home Care Standards

ASES is an achievable accreditation and quality framework for Health and Community Service Organisations.

ASES can help your organisation develop a culture of quality and continuous improvement and provide a level of confidence to your funders. Often accreditation against approved quality standards, or evidence of working towards this, is required to secure Government funding.


There are two levels of accreditation under ASES – Certificate and Award.

Certificate Level has three main sections with sub-sections:

  • Leadership and Management – Planning, Governance, Finance and Contract Management
  • People, Partnerships and Communication – People, Partnerships, Communication
  • Service Provision – Service Outcomes, Consumer Outcomes

Award Level has three main sections with sub-sections:

  • Leadership – Leadership, Supportive Leadership, Critical Review
  • Improvement – Continual Improvement, Organisational Learning
  • Results – Business Outcomes, Consumer Outcomes, Community Contribution

There are 18 Standards assessed in Certificate Level and eight assessed in Award Level.

Achieving Certificate Level Accreditation is a prerequisite for Award Level.

Award Level Accreditation allows you to take the next step to become a leading quality organisation

“Our decision to engage Highwire stemmed from their professionalism, responsiveness and helpfulness … they also demonstrated a clear understanding of the sector we work within. We’d highly recommend Highwire Group to any similar organisation looking to undertake ASES.”

Alison Davies, Community Development Coordinator,  Morella Community Centre



Highwire costs for ASES External Assessment vary depending on the size of your organisation, the level of Assessment, and whether it is conducted in conjunction with other standards assessments.  Our Table Costs is shown below.

Your organisation may be eligible for funding from DHS. Contact your DHS contract manager to find out.

Steps to Accreditation

There are seven main steps to the ASES process:

  1. Pre-Assessment Information Gathering
  2. Registration
  3. Self-Assessment and Document Collection
  4. Book your Assessment
  5. Onsite Assessment
  6. Report and Quality Action Plan
  7. Accreditation Decision

Highwire has developed tools and templates to assist you through each step


Listen to Maree Davidson’s tips for approaching accreditation. (Presentation delivered via webinar for Homelessness NSW, 19.05.20).


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